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It seems France is the loneliest country when it comes to pornography production in just about all of Europe. For whatever reason there just isn't as much porn produced as there is in many of the other countries. Perhaps this French GFs site will be a bit of a cool breeze on a warm summer's day to someone out there who enjoys their amateur French girls.

105+ videos
(˜15 minutes avg)
˜175mb each (1,024mb = 1 gigabyte)
47+ photo sets
(˜705 photos total)
$1.00, for 1 day, recurs at $29.99/mo
$24.99, recurring
$59.99, 3 months, recurring
$89.99, 6 months, recurring
Video Stats
640x480 @ 1500k
640x480 @ 1500k
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Photo Galleries
Positive Notes: 

- When there is talking in the videos it's usually in French
- Lots of sexy teen girls at French GF's
- A good variety of scenes, mix of lesbian and boy/girl
- Some kinky things like anal, toys and peeing

Negative Notes: 

- Content looks too professional to be a true ex-girlfriend site
- Videos start automatically as soon as you visit a scene
- The watermarks on the videos are obscenely large
- Very short descriptions for each scene
- Many of their videos are shared between their sites
- There's no way to see the content from this site only

Video Notes: 

- Many more videos than photo scenes at the site
- Lengths range from 5 min. to about 45 min. per video
- Videos can be streamed or downloaded
- 2 formats in DiVX and WMV, as well as a mobile MP4 file

Photo Notes: 

- Only 10 to 15 pictures per set
- Pictures are separate from video scenes
- Hard-core, lesbian and solo pic sets
- Photos can be downloaded as zip files

Model Notes: 

- Most of the girls do seem French
- Not sure if it's Quebec or France for this site
- 90% white girls

Update Notes: 

- Daily updates

Exclusive Notes: 

- Content seems more exclusive here than their other sites
- Hard to say, but most of these sites are non-exclusive

Full Review

French GFs Review

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 15:38

Since French sites don't get too much airplay, I will write in a quick review for this one.

Most ex-girlfriend sites claim to be amateur uploaded stolen type content, but this was a little bit different in that the videos seem produced either for this site or a collection of videos from other sites perhaps. They certainly don't seem authentic in the traditional ex-girlfriend site sense.

That isn't to say that this content isn't worthy. In fact I thought a lot of the videos here were really well done and do fit in the amateur side of things. One thing that some people will like while others won't, is that a lot of the girls appear here in multiple scenes. As well, it seems some of the scenes are cut into several pieces, at least when the site was first getting started. It doesn't seem so prevalent in their most recent updates though.

Unlike the first site that I looked at in this network, French GFs has more video scenes than it does photo sets, which is probably just fine with most members.

One thing that I wasn't crazy about that when you visit a video scene for the first time, the flash player just starts playing it right away. I don't think that's ever a smart move for a porn site, for a few reasons. First, if some speakers are too loud the unexpected video start could be alarming. Furthermore, for people that are just looking to download the video files and not watch it on the site, it's just wasting bandwidth and slowing the download down.

French GFs
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» No HD videos
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» Single file videos
» No video clips
» No DRM
» Large watermarks
» ~15 pics per set
» ~150 kb each
» Zip files available
» Photos are digital
» No screen cap pics
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