Private School Jewel

The most anticipated new girl to hit the solo scene this year, Jewel has been a popular model at other sites like Met-Art however her website has been looked forward to for a long time now. It's finally here, just launched in September of 2010.

10+ videos
(˜8 minutes avg)
˜150mb each (1,024mb = 1 gigabyte)
30+ photo sets
(˜2,750 photos total)
$29.23 recurring
Video Clips
Photo Galleries
Positive Notes: 

- Jewel has her own website now, that's positive!
- Clearly a lot of attention to detail went into this site
- Bigger than most sites to start off with, though still small
- She writes her own lengthy blog posts with pictures
- Her journal entries even include pictures from her childhood
- Members can comment on Private School Jewel blog posts
- Jewel talks quite a bit during her videos, though she seems shy
- Love the little cartoons to start the videos off
- Cam shows will be starting soon
- Beautiful young woman, very photogenic

Negative Notes: 

- All photo set zips download as
- Hasn't had time to grow yet
- Videos are standard sized and not widescreen or HD

Video Notes: 

- .WMV and .MP4 files are similar qualities
- .MP4's have a slight edge in bitrate, and are a bit larger
- Fun and playful scenes mostly at Private School Jewel
- Scenes range from tasteful nudes to lesbian and masturbation
- Several mobile options including iPhone, 3GP, and PSP formats
- No flash player, download only

Photo Notes: 

- Creative and fun set ideas
- Good photography, clear pictures
- Sets are usually 60-180 images each
- .Zip files for each set

Update Notes: 

- Updates come every 3-4 days
- Photo sets have dates
- Videos are not dated, except on main newest updates page

Exclusive Notes: 

- Content is all exclusive to

Full Review

Private School Jewel Review

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - 02:03

Trying to stay on top of the new sites, and adding Jewel's new website called Private School Jewel was an obvious priority. Rumours had been floating around that her website was on the way many times for a while now, and here it is finally.

Jewel is a Canadian model who earned a name for herself on some classy nudes type sites. Guys everywhere loved her look and she was often voted as one of the most sought after models on a few of the places where she appeared. She's clearly a good choice to start a site for.

Her website has a lot of girly sort of touches to it, from the intros to the videos to her personally updated blog where she spills the beans on her life and thoughts. I loved that she included pics from her daily life in the blog posts, always an added bonus.

I won't say too much about this site because it's just started, other than to say that it's bigger than most sites would be after only a few days online. They've hit the ground running, well prepared it seems. Still, it's a new site that will need time to develop, and we'll have to plan to have another look at it again in the near future and give people an update on their progress at PrivateSchoolJewel.

Private School Jewel
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2-3 updates a week
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» No HD videos
» No flash player
» Single file videos
» No video clips
» No DRM
» Large watermarks
» ~90 pics per set
» ~250 kb each
» Zip files available
» Photos are digital
» No screen cap pics
» Large watermarks
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