Rip Her Up

This company has a reputation for producing niche fetish content, mostly related to fashions of some sorts. While the other sites I've looked at have the girls wearing specific kinds of clothes, such as jeans and tiny skirts, Rip Her Up is about roughly ripping women's clothes off, especially pantyhose.

51+ videos
(˜22 minutes avg)
˜1,500mb each (1,024mb = 1 gigabyte)
51+ photo sets
(˜11,500 photos total)
$29.95 recurring
$59.95 3 months, recurring
$99.95 6 months, recurring
Video Stats
1920x1080 @ k
640x480 @ 3000k
Positive Notes: 

- It's great that they've upgraded to HD and 3D lately
- Micro niche, quite rare and pretty well done here
- Shirts, panties, and pantyhose ripped up and torn off here
- Girls have sex with their ripped clothes on
- Network has other sites with a clothing fetish

Negative Notes: 

- HD and 3D just started, the majority is standard def
- Music at the start of the videos is less than ideal
- Some of the sites in their network no longer update

Video Notes: 

- Only latest 6 updates are available in HD
- Before this, it's .WMV files at 900x488 @ 3000k
- Videos from July 2009 and prior are in .MPG at 640x480
- Some scenes have a few minutes of loud music to start
- No idea why, it's pretty tacky and a lot of people complain
- 5 latest videos downloadable in 3D, viewable with 3D glasses

Photo Notes: 

- 150 to 300 pics per set
- Can be downloaded in a .zip

Opinion Notes: 

- I really hope they'll go back and re-encode older stuff to HD

Update Notes: 

- New scene usually every 10 days, sometimes 15 days

Exclusive Notes: 

- All clothes ripping pics and videos are exclusive

Full Review

Rip Her Up Review

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 20:01

Rip Her Up is sort of two fetishes in one. The obvious part is the clothes ripping, which a lot of men and women both fantasize about as it turns out. It's a popular fetish that doesn't really get a lot of play in mainstream pornography, or if it does, it's not really focused on as much as it should be.

The second big part of what clothes ripping porn (torn porn?) is all about is rough sex and manhandling the ladies. It's not just the ripping, it's the dominant role played by the man as he tears the clothing from her body. I warn you though, if you're a lover of clothing, this kind of stuff could cause nightmares.

Most of what's to be said is covered in the above details, so I'll keep this one short. The things you should be concerned with are that the HD content just started to be added to the site, and same thing goes for the 3D scenes, which you'll need glasses for. They seem to have started updating their other sites (the ones that aren't archives) with HD and 3D at similar times, so you're not just limited to what's available here in that aspect, which is nice.

Then there's the much maligned rock music. Many of the scenes start off with a small custom intro, then hard loud rock music for 2-3 minutes to start the video. Thankfully it does end, and the rest of the scene continues normally with audio of the couples.

Updates are a bit irregular, usually about 10-12 days between.

Rip Her Up is part of a network that has quite a few slightly odd clothing fetishes, and chances are if you're totally into this, you'll at least be mildly interested in the others.

Rip Her Up
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