Tokyo Face Fuck

Young Japanese girls are restrained usually by tying their arms up, so they can't fight back when a cock is being forced straight into their face and down their throats. A hardcore rough blowjob site that focuses on Japanese blowjobs, throat fucking, and deepthroats from Japan.

52+ videos
(˜12 minutes avg)
˜0mb each (1,024mb = 1 gigabyte)
25+ photo sets
(˜2,500 photos total)
$30.00, recurring
$80.00, 3 months, non-recurring
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Positive Notes: 

- The content is very good, rough deep throating and gagging
- All scenes seem to start with a girl helplessly drooling on herself
- She'll let a thick stream of saliva fall onto her chest to start
- All videos have English subtitles, and can be turned on and off! Very neat
- Members area and free tour can be viewed in Japanese or English

Negative Notes: 

- Would be very nice to see one new scene per week
- No video downloads will be a turn off to customers who like to collect
- No bonus sites, even though they run a few other sites
- Since the videos are in parts, sometimes the second part isn't as long
- Some information about their models would be nice

Video Notes: 

- Streaming only, NO video downloads at all
- Four sizes of streaming: 640x360, 852x480, 1280x720 and 1920x1080
- Videos are released in 2 parts, a week apart
- First update is ~15 minutes, second part is the remainder
- The streams look very nice, and you can skip ahead easily

Photo Notes: 

- Very large, high resolution images
- High res pics only, nothing smaller
- Zip files can be easily downloaded
- All zips named so you might want to rename them
- Watermarks aren't obtrusive, but there are 2 of them in each picture
- Pictures can be viewed on the site or downloaded in a zip

Model Notes: 

- Japanese girls, some prettier than others, but many very sexy ladies here

Update Notes: 

- New video every 7 days
- Scenes are released as 2 updates, so a new scene every 14 days

Exclusive Notes: 

- All the content is from the same studio, so I'd say exclusive

Reviewer Notes: 

- Mostly blowjob only it seems, I didn't see any sex in what I watched
- I liked the content here, it's well done and fans into this niche will enjoy it

Full Review

Tokyo Facefuck Review

Sunday, January 29, 2012 - 05:10

Not a full review, but I think they're missing a big opportunity to interview their models and provide English customers with some insight into the life of a Japanese girls who do hardcore porn like this. Since they run the only foreign owned porn production house in Japan and speak English, why they don't do this is beyond me. Japan is one of the strangest countries on earth, and most Japanese girls don't speak any English, so it's only natural we'd be curious to hear some translated information about these models.

I'm giving the site an 81 which seems maybe a bit high, but I really did enjoy their content and that's what it's all about. The HD streams are nice, but no downloads really hurts. Also not a huge amount of content, but it's pretty hardcore and Japanese at that, so it's a bit more rare or valuable in a sense.

Tokyo Face Fuck
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