This is the website of Zero Tolerance Adult Films, also known as Zero Tolerance On Demand (ZTOD). They're a porn studio who release their own titles, and this is their full HD 1920x1080 DVD site. They claim to be the world's largest HD porn site.

352+ DVD Titles
(˜2,584 individual scenes)
(˜25 minutes avg)
˜1,700mb each (1,024mb = 1 gigabyte)
1+ Studios
1,631+ photo sets
(˜200,000 photos total)
$19.95 recurring
$29.95, recurring
$39.95, 3 months, discounted
$79.95, 6 months, discounted
Video Stats
640x360 @ 2000k
1920x1080 @ 9300k
640x360 @ 2000k
Video Clips
Positive Notes: 

- 866 of 2,584 scenes are offered in full 1080p HD
- These files are huge and look absolutely clear
- Never seen a bitrate as high as the 9,300k here
- Well produced and directed porn from ZTOD
- Everything on the site is from the same studio
- Very easy to navigate the members area
- Having pictures at a DVD site is an added bonus
- Two other studio sites included with membership

Negative Notes: 

- Not all scenes are available in HD
- DVD scenes from 3-4 years ago only at 640x360
- Some may not like that there's not daily updates

Video Notes: 

- Both 720p and 1080p HD videos available in .MP4 format
- There are no HD files in .WMV or .AVI formats
- The 1080p videos can get very large, upwards of 2GB each
- Lots of streaming video options to view them on the site
- Mobile versions offered as well for iphones and ipods

Photo Notes: 

- Photos per set varies a lot between sets
- Some have only 20 pics, others more than 200
- Very cool to have any pictures at all at a DVD site
- This of course is possible because they film everything

Update Notes: 

- Every 5 to 7 days a new DVD title is released
- Scenes are released all at once when a DVD is added

Exclusive Notes: 

- Content is produced by Zero Tolerance

Full Review

ZTOD Review

Thursday, September 9, 2010 - 01:43

I've been looking forward to getting inside of ZTOD for some time now, and was excited when I snagged a password at last. Basically this is a studio site from a company that produces many of the DVD titles you'll see floating around today.

Their company is called Zero Tolerance, which you'd probably recognize if you've done a bit of adult DVD shopping before, as they brand their DVD boxes with their name in big letters. They shoot some really great stuff, much of it with higher production values than you might normally see. Extra bit of storyline, nice settings, high quality girls, etc.

Poking around their free tour you really get a sense that they're marketing their HD qualities as the prime selling point for ZTOD, and they didn't disappoint on that front. I was hoping that all the videos would be in full HD, however only about 35% of their scenes are available at the highest quality settings. No short amount, with almost 900 scenes geared up to HD as of the date of this review. I also liked that you can easily filter out just the HD scenes in their members area.

It's really easy to get around their site, and they have all the sorting options I'd want. You can view a complete list of their models, or by scene, by DVD, by date, by rating, I mean all kinds of ways to view what's here.

Almost every DVD I've ever seen doesn't have pictures, and I expected the same here. However I guess because they shoot all the content for ZTOD themselves, they do take pictures and there's lots of them here. Over 1,600 sets in fact. You still get the feeling that the pictures aren't the focus, but who really expects them to be.

Members to ZTOD will also get free access to a couple other studio sites, which are Third Degree and Black Ice, surely owned by the same parent company.

Also good to mention that we have a discount applied to ZTOD.com that will shave $10 off the normal monthly price, and also chops the price of their longer term deals too.

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